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Why is COPS Needed?
Why is COPS Needed?

Why is COPS Needed?

‘While realising the dangers of policing, no officer expects to lose their life on duty. When such a tragedy occurs, the surviving family endures emotions which can include denial, bewilderment, anger and depression. They also encounter many practical difficulties in respect of such sudden loss. Eventual isolation from the police environment often exacerbates such situations, and leaves survivors thinking that no one understands.

The police service does not have the resources to maintain support beyond the immediate aftermath of the death. That is where 'Care Of Police Survivors' (COPS) comes in. It connects bereaved families with others who truly understand, by virtue of having been in the same situation themselves. This peer based support is the mainstay of COPS activity, but is enhanced by projects aimed at providing survivors with the support needed to rebuild their lives.’

Jim McNulty (1948-2004)
Care Of Police Survivors

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